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  • Richard Campbell

The Changing Event Market

Events, especially in the wine and food sphere are definitely changing of late and creating what could be seen as an over-supply for both participants and attendees. WA is blessed with fantastic weather and with people loving their food and wine experiences, why wouldn’t it be so? But it seems that more and more events are appearing and being planned without longer term objectives in mind. This can lead to confusion in the market.

Don’t get me wrong, events are a wonderful medium for buyers and sellers, but they require a more detailed process in creating a memorable experience for visitors and success for sellers.

There is no question attending events is a significant pastime for the people of WA but maintaining a balance of events and quality delivery is an important part of sustainability.

The foundation for participants being involved is return on investment - which is key to delivering sound events. The change being seen currently is those participants wanting more return on the day proceeds and not taking into account the longer-term marketing benefits. This could be partly due to the fact that there are too many options open for them and also that it is where business needs to be at the moment.

I believe the need will change and the pendulum will swing with a leaning back towards building a business through longer-term marketing strategies as the year wears on. In the meantime, it is important as organisers we can provide both options for participants while maintaining the enjoyment attendees want.

While changing demands will drive the outcomes, we must encourage participants and attendees to engage more with each other and understand what they are trying, tasting and buying which will lead to more enjoyment for all!

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