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CMS Events have 35 years of experience to offer event planners! Whether you are looking for some simple solutions and advice or a full business plan, we can provide a service to assist your event planning needs.

Our services can be project based or on as an hourly rate depending on your budget and resources.


Seminars & Training

If you have a small or large team that need to be skilled up in event planning, we can provide a one on one service or full seminar format. Topics presented can be the full planning process, marketing, operations, budget or building your display. Each program can be tailored according to your requirements.


You may need some advice and direction to assist from time to time during your event. We are happy to attend meetings to assist the process. Sometimes it may be easier to call someone in, just to look at one part of your event.



We have a range of preferred suppliers to assist you. These can be provided as part of the consultation process. Depending on your budget, there may be some good options. Referrals offered include suppliers, hire, venues and more. With the right direction, you could save both time and money.


Being Successful with CMS Events & Exhibitions

CMS Events provide assistance to help companies develop a successful exhibition campaign. For information and tips on how to use exhibitions and events in your marketing, please call us.

Event Business Plans

The A to Z of planning is very important. As part of a feasibility study, CMS Events develop a working business plan for your event. It has everything from how it looks and feels, to marketing and then right through to operational guidelines and the all important budget.



From time to time through their databases and during the events themselves, CMS do ongoing research to assist them and other planners on trends in the market place. Knowing what your market wants is critical to delivery.

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