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CMS Events Celebrates 30 Years!

CMS Events is proud to announce its 30th year as a leading events management company in Western Australia.

It is an exciting milestone for any small business to achieve, but 30 years in an industry promoting events and exhibitions is special! The past three years being even more challenging than normal.

Richard and Sam Campbell founded the company on 28 April 1993.

It’s been a long time coming, but it seems like yesterday they were planning their first event under the CMS Events banner. It came after Richard had spent 6 years in a part time role then another 6 in a full-time role, staging exhibitions in Perth, Western Australia.

Most of the staff currently employed were still quite young back then! It has been an amazing journey with some amazing staff working with the company over that time and it is important to thank and recognise them all, they will know who they are.

Current staff include Jessica Ferrinda who has been with CMS for over 10 years, Jay Pustkuchen working part time for 8 years with the company, Paige Stirton nearly 7 years, and Jess Saunders and Cath Daniels, 5 and 2 years respectively have contributed to the success of many events over that time.

One of the early achievements was the inaugural WA Wine and Food Festival at the now demolished Burswood Dome in 1997. This event grew to 186 exhibitors and 16,500 attendees by 2006 before being passed on to the Good Food & Wine Show.

The foray into the food and wine event space has led to many events and still plays a major role in the CMS calendar. The boutique and popular UnWined Subiaco celebrates 13 years in 2023.

CMS Events has created and founded many other events over the years along with taking on management roles for many others. An estimate of over 200 medium to large scale events have gone through the company books in that time. Collectively it is estimated around 10,000 exhibitors and participants have presented to over 500,000 people generating millions in turnover to all involved.

Despite what may seem lofty figures, the company remains grounded in presenting what they believe to be an authentic CMS experience for clients. It revolves around a personal, friendly, customer focused and passionate approach to clients and visitors to their events. Event trends and styles have changed over the years but the company remains focused on its key deliverables.

Another initiative for CMS was to successfully implement a four-day work week in recent years, generating a better life / work balance for staff while still maintaining project balance for clients.

The next challenge for the company is to transition from the still hands-on management of director and founder providing new opportunities for staff and growing the business for the future.

The company now is focusing on three core areas of event management and marketing being wine and food, care & ageing and Aboriginal experiences. It is exciting times for all involved.

CMS Events wishes to thank and pay tribute to all those who have supported them over many years in both trying and prosperous times. They look forward to working many more years and creating many more opportunities for the companies they work with.

They also look forward to sharing more amazing events for the people who love them!


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