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  • Richard Campbell

Events & Exhibitions Two Years On!

March 13 marks two years since the government announced, because of the threat of Covid-19 that events can no longer go ahead! Subsequent changes have seen modified attempts to revive the industry, but it still is seen as an acceptable casualty in the pandemic by government.

A once vibrant $34 billion industry nationally, it is still suffering. Through my own small business which employs 6 people, we have lost over $200,000 in income and a further $1m plus has not been generated to industry through event spend.

Support as been very limited as the packages on offer always support the week by week business model through the criteria set and not seasonal businesses such as ours. We still need to employ key staff in the planning process for events in the pipeline, that in the end may or may not be held due to restrictions. Ongoing uncertainty affects business and consumer sales as well.

2022 has not improved with three events already cancelled due to continued restrictions, uncertainty and fear. The industry is still scratching its head as to why a 7500 event can be staged indoors but not outdoors and an outdoor licensed event cannot be held unless it is seated service.

While resilience is admired, fatigue is setting in! Mental and financial stress may win in the end unless we can open up and accept events as a key community offering and contributor to business, talent and the consumer.

We hope as we did in 2021 that the second half of 2022 may be better?

City Wine 2021 at Russell Square


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