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  • Richard Campbell

Time & research will help deliver better for event clients and consumers

Having time over the past few months is not a resource always available but one we have tried to use to improve what we do - like many companies have. It may be a small silver lining of Coronavirus!

The announcement by government at the end of June that we can start smaller consumer and trade events - our main product, was a welcome surprise and one we respect and appreciate. We must be aware that this opportunity may be lost if we do not manage our events well.

While not being 100% ready to go, our pre-planning has meant we are now in a position to start putting things in place for our first events for nine months at the end of November. Although apprehensive, we are excited to be able to “start work”. We will need every bit the ensuing four to five months to get things in place to kick start the business and hopefully it will be the base to re-build in 2021.

We too are part of small business and are struggling like most, but grateful for the help we have been given from rent and utility assistance through to the important JobKeeper scheme which has been fantastic to assist keeping staff. We are now able to “pass it on” through a little assistance of our own and have reduced exhibitor fees for the two events in November along with requiring a smaller deposit payment for participating companies.

This assistance has been the result of some recent research of wine event clients and consumers. It was a welcome information boost to help development and support.

· 64% of companies have had a significant drop in sales.

· 65% of companies see events as an important sales medium.

· 80% believe they will be in a position to exhibit in November.

· It is extremely important that events provide return on investment.

· Safety is an obvious priority.

· Companies are happy to look at smaller events.

· Online and social media options with our database is seen as beneficial.

Understanding their trust and support of other media was interesting with the major indication showing social media and online as important. Direct communications is still the preferred method of engaging with consumers.

From a consumer point of view, it was very encouraging that they rated attendance at events as an intended part of their future activities.

These outcomes along with the pre-planning carried out (including detailed hygiene policies) gives companies and consumers trust in exhibitions and events along with their benefits they offer.

Events planned for November include:

· Perth Event Show (trade): 25-26 November, Perth Convention Exhibition Centre

· UnWined Subiaco (consumer): 28-29 November, Market Square Park Subiaco


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