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  • Richard Campbell

Research Helping to Shape Wine Events

Getting quality data on habits and purchases is an important guide to planning exhibitions and events, especially these days with expectations from consumers driving delivery. It can’t be the only indicator though! Benefits to participants must also be met. The challenge to modern event organisers is to balance and create a synergy for both seller and consumer in an inclusive and entertaining presentation.

It is always interesting when asking similar questions to exhibitors and consumers, there is always a divide! Consumers like to be glowing and paint a positive image about themselves while exhibitors will be reserved and be a little less positive about outcomes. It is a natural response we have found across a few industries and interpreting the data is important as clients depend on it.

In a recent simultaneous survey covering participants in the past 18 months, CMS Events found out some great information which will be invaluable for both event planning and client planning. Details are provided to exhibitors as part of participation at events to assist planning and success.

Did you know?

· Around $450,000 is spent by consumers with participating wineries through UnWined Subiaco, Sunset Wine and City Wine annually.

· UnWined Subiaco now has the highest contingency of WA wineries for any event staged in Western Australia.

· Beer and alternative beverages are becoming more in demand by consumers attending.

· Wine and Food events are most popular on Saturdays.

From the research CMS Events are now better positioned to customise individual event delivery for clients and consumers.

For information on the Wine & Food Events WA program go to

Relaxing at UnWined Subiaco - part of the reason people attend

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