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  • Richard Campbell

Iconic Venues Part of the Event Experience

Iconic locations are now playing more of a role with immersive event experiences expected and enjoyed by people. With the options available in Western Australia, we certainly have a few to choose from! One of those locations is Scarborough Beach!

Known for its white sands, surf and sunsets, Scarborough Beach is a natural partner for Wine & Food Events WA’s Sunset Wine and Brews. Pairing the amazing wine, craft beers, ciders and spirits of WA in this amazing location makes the enjoyment that much better.

When you look at events around regional WA, the push for culinary tourism iconic locations are critical in delivering the experience of wine, food and attractions. In our own region of Perth, it is the same!

Relaxing on the lawns at Scarborough, overlooking the beach with gentle cooling breezes while spending a day with friends tasting wine, enjoying tapas and listening to music cannot get much better…

Then at the end of the day celebrate with nature presenting itself through an orange and red sky as the sun sets over the Indian Ocean. An iconic location and amazing experience!

Sunset Wine & Brews 9 – 10 February at Scarborough.

Go to the website for tickets and information.


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