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  • Richard Campbell

Generating Sales & Leads with Exhibitions and Events

People often forget the power of exhibitions! They become even more effective in tougher times and are a proven cost-effective medium to generate sales and leads.

Statistics from the Exhibition & Event Association of Australasia show:

  • 87% of marketers say face-to-face marketing is important.

  • 83% of visitors have authority to purchase or influence purchasing.

  • 72% of visitors intend to buy either at the event or in the near future.

These figures apply to both trade and consumer events and we all know the impact the personal experience has on ourselves when making decisions. As with all marketing, exhibitions do not sit alone in the mix but can play a big role in the purchase process.

Recent research (May 2020, CMS Events) provided some very encouraging signals from both the exhibitor base and visitor base that they are keen to get back into events post Covid-19.

  • 64% of companies see events as an important medium for sales and marketing.

  • Most companies support events with social and online media.

  • 58% of visitors would attend an event up to 500 people with a further 36% likely to.

  • 38% of visitors would attend an event up to 2000 people with a further 39% likely to.

  • 48% would view a company more favourably after being exposed to products of services at events.

CMS Events see the value in attending events remaining strong despite suggestions that people will change habits due to the pandemic. In the early stages this was true, but events are staged with sound risk management policies in place and recent times have made these standards event more stringent. With the market opening up, people can feel safe and have trust that organisations will continue to manage events well.

Should you wait till things are almost over? Companies may want to, but when is the right time?

Getting back into the market with events and building your sales may be the perfect time to get the jump on competitors and make sure the dollars are flowing back into your business.

  • Perth Event Show (trade): 25-26 November, Perth Convention Exhibition Centre.

  • Secure short and long term sales, reconnect with the market.

  • UnWined Subiaco (consumer): 28-29 November, Market Square Park Subiaco.

  • Build summer sales, grow your sales database.

To learn more about event planning, email us and receive your complimentary how to guide “Being Successful with CMS Events & Exhibitions”.


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