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  • Richard Campbell

Events are Face to Face – Naturally!

Now is the time to start planning your future with exhibitions and events. Whether in management, retail, production, service or supply, getting your brand into the marketplace is always important. With our experience of more than 30 years in the exhibition and events industry, the current situation has made it even more relevant to use the medium because it provides cost effective solutions and direct response from buyers.

Our recent research shows that buyers are keen to return and recognise the need to get face to face for access to products, information and resources they need. Managed and controlled events and exhibitions are safe and convenient for people to return to what they like to do.

The pause provided by the past few months was never planned along with the countless webinars, podcasts and reading, but the outcome strangely is one of positivity and with a renewed view of the future. While we acknowledge and have empathy for all Australians and others around the world, we must learn to live with Covid-19 for the next year or two and create our future together.

The way we work may change, but the need to work and improve our lives does not. We are responsible for our own futures and should not wait for the business and sales to happen but plan, structure and get out to do it. At CMS Events we are working and investing our resources into producing an even better organisation focused on providing sales and business growth for companies through events.

Ideas and solutions are better made in person and attending events is a natural way to get your brand to new clients and reinforce your strengths with old and existing ones.

A couple of points to remind us of the benefits of exhibitions from the Exhibition & Event Association of Australasia’s “Power of Exhibitions” statement:

  • With exhibitions and events, the buyer/visitor chooses to attend in order to see the companies involved. Time is our most precious commodity. Customers give both their time and permission to clients at events, at a time they are ready to buy. Other forms of advertising hit their target audience on the 'off-chance' that they are ready to buy.

  • We are social beings. We like to do business face-to-face and looking people in the eye.

  • Events can be used to deliver a number of sales and marketing objectives, from direct sales, through database building, account management, entertaining, market research, recruiting, brand building, demonstration etc.

  • Experiential marketing. Clients increasingly want to use it to bring their brand messages alive: I saw it at an exhibition... Touched it, heard it, smelled it, squeezed it, discovered it, tried it, liked it - bought it!

· Perth Event Show (trade): 25-26 November, Perth Convention Exhibition Centre

· UnWined Subiaco (consumer): 28-29 November, Market Square Park Subiaco


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